CTF Sedna from Viper (hackfest 2016)

Hi everyone, I did the first Vuln VM from hackfest 2016 not long ago and i want to try this one now. It’s the second one by @ViperBlackSkull and it is the second walkthrough for me so if you need more information you can reach me on twitter at @marghost.  You can get the virtual machine HERE. So lets get started.

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Quaoar from @ViperBlackSkull (Vulnhub)

Ok guys it is my first review of a capture the flag pentest.  If you have suggestions you can reach me out on twitter @marghost.  I hope you will like it.  This vulnerable VM has been created by Viper and can be found HERE. In this pentest i will use some basic pentest tools like nmap nikto dirtbuster and wpscan.  I will exploit vulns with the classic metasploit.

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First fail of jasper

Ok guys,

After many test phonetisaurus and pocketsphinx are not quite good to use, full of bug and the debugging of them is a pain in the ass!

When i will go on and continue this project of Jasper/jarvis i will see what alternatives the internet haz to offer… probably wit.ai.

Keep you posted

Doc : http://www.knight-of-pi.org/raspberry-pi-3-installing-jasper-with-wit-ai-for-voice-recognition/