About Me – Marghost (The Geek Ghost)

I am Marghost a cybersecurity professional from Canada.  I’ve been participating in CTF events as an enthusiast for a few years now and working full time in the field.  I created this blog a few years back and will try to bring some life in it in the near future.  I am also involved in the retro gaming scene and will share my love for old gaming gear from time to time.

You can contact me at : marghost[@]protonmail.com

Thanks and have a good read!

2 thoughts on “About Me – Marghost (The Geek Ghost)”

  1. hey im having some problems with my future and idk how i found your website ( i was trying to learn how to hack and coding x,) at the moment i only know html,css,javascript, C++ and .net) so i would like to know how you learn those things cause my school sucks a lot and im only studying database with a stupid program called access. i know you will not read this but i believe on this mail x)

    pd: i made my email when i was 10 yo x(

    1. Hello Ken,
      I would suggest to learn about virtualisation and how to use VirtualBox. Then mount a ParrotOS VM. After that you can start learning using those resources : Vulnhub vulnerable machines, Tryhackme and most recommended Hackthebox. At least this will give you direction to move forward. Now it’s yours to use those tools and most importantly join community on reddit and discord so they can help you learn more and answer your questions! Good luck.

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