How to create game cover for bittboy

Here is the recipe to make the the cover arts fit to bittboy screen :

  1. Download icons from : 

  2. You need to clean the names with this command on batch (linux command line) :

rename ‘s/\(.*\)|\[.*\]| //g’ *

(Or use Advanced renamer for windows)

3) You need to resize the width to 135 px.

To resize in batch you can use imbatch on windows. You will resize the width but be sure to keep the ratio for the height.

Finally before resizing you need to choose the good filter. Some of those are foggy AF so choose the one named ‘Nearest’, you can see the final result on the left bottom corner.

If you end up doing some, please share them with the community in r/bittboy subreddit!

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