As a security professional, I enjoy to take notes during my endeavours.  This is where I will keep some of them publicly.  This section will mainly focus around tutorials about my different projects or tools I used.  I also dabble into CTF events and will share my writeups for posterity. 



Installing Gentoo on VMware workstation 16

I got peer pressured into this, I am not doing this out of free will!  Just kidding, in this blog post I will summerize my first journey with Gentoo and how to set it up inside a VM with VMware workstation version 16.  This guide will help you setup a virtual instance of Gentoo and i suggest that you read carefully the Gentoo Handbook to understand what we are going to do here in great detail.

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How-to monitor your windows machine with splunk

Using Splunk to monitor your computer or vps is free, easy and let you learn about one of the best SIEM tool available on the market (as for now 2022).  In this post I will share some of my personal Splunk configurations and alerts so you can start monitoring what is going on in your windows machine and maybe see things you didn’t before.  So let’s start shall we!

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Writeup for Hackfest 2022 – Resurrection Edition Beginner CTF

This edition of the beginner ctf track was the same as last year with a few tweaks here and there. The challenge was accessed on

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CTF Ew_Skuzzy from @vortexau (Vulnhub)

You can find it on Vulnhub HERE.  As usual you can contact me on twitter @marghost.

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CTF Orcus from Viper (hackfest 2016)

If you need more information you can reach me on twitter at @marghost.  You can get the virtual machine HERE. So lets get started.

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WIP – Linux pentest cheatsheet

Intended for personal use, i use many websites and pages from my blog, i just want to have all those things into one cozy page.

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